About Us


Enfant & Poulet is a Mexico City-based production company that operates globally. Whether working on a narrative film or a commercial project, our commitment to telling stories with passion, curiosity, and integrity enable us to create quality content and to connect people in meaningful ways.


Since 2016, Enfant & Poulet Cinema has worked with a diverse slate of filmmakers to develop, finance, and produce feature films that have received critical acclaim in festivals and reached audiences in movie theaters worldwide. Our sister brand, Maligno Gorehouse, produces daring horror films that strive to redefine Mexican genre filmmaking in terms of representation, storytelling, and marketability.

Enfant & Poulet Creative Studio collaborates with numerous national and international clients to create top-notch ads, epic music videos, and compelling branded content. Our versatile directors and producers have the expertise to adapt to any project type and budget size. For international brands, agencies, and producing partners, Enfant & Poulet offers a wide range of production services that prioritize excellence in customer experience, craftsmanship, and creativity.

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